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What Can The Oscars Possibly Teach Us About Moving?


People from all over the world prepared themselves to watch one of the most highly anticipated award shows of the year. From the red carpet to the main stage, our eyes were glued to the television, fascinated by a show that required incredible planning and coordination to pull off.

The groundwork for the Academy Awards is very similar to how we prepare ourselves to move into a new home and/or assemble pieces into a new showroom. They all require time, patience and organization.

As we watched this year’s Oscars, we took notes of what can be learned from this event and incorporate it into your next move. So far, here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Hire professionals to lay the groundwork and make sure things run smoothly
  • Pay attention to detail and make sure that nothing is left unattended
  • Be ready to adapt to change and have an execution plan for dealing with a potential crisis


At WG Storage & Delivery, we help bring everything together for your move. From precisely transferring, assembling and arranging your furniture to professionally placing precious artwork, chandeliers, pianos, etc. in your home or show room, we coordinate each detail of your move so that you are always content and most importantly, stress-free.

Our elite services cater to designers, high-end residential and commercial clients, builders, fine art and antique dealers and furniture showrooms, and we take every precaution necessary to make sure your “White Glove” experience is exceptional.


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