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Three Reasons to Invest in White Glove Storage & Delivery

A Niche Market: White Glove Storage & Delivery offers franchisees the opportunity to develop a niche market unlike any other in the storage business. We specialize in high-end clientele, providing storage, moving and delivery needs of the highest professional caliber. Designers, fine art dealers and furniture showroom owners are only a few of the high-end clients that WG Storage & Delivery provides services to. We promise to meet the needs of a client who not only expects the best, but demands it.

Innovative Climate Control: WG Storage & Delivery uses a state of the art climate control system to ensure that your valuable items are protected from harsh weather brought on by seasonal changes. This control system administrates a safe climate with constantly regulated temperatures so that you never have to worry about your belongings becoming tarnished by extreme weather or water damage.

Booming Housing Market: We have recently expanded our franchise into Houston, where opportunities in the housing market are on a strong path to recovery. With properties in high demand, buyers are in need of movers and storage units. As property movement increases, Houston’s landscapers, real estate companies and junk removal companies’ benefit, pushing the housing market upwards. WG Storage & Delivery makes your moving transition a breeze, promising the upmost in professionalism and expertise. Our services meet the demand of the booming housing market and take the hassle out of any clients move.

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