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The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage

WG Storage & Delivery provides some of the best storage and moving services in the nation, catering to high-end clientele and ensuring that each customer is 100-percent satisfied. Something that makes WG Storage & Delivery especially unique is their use of climate-controlled storage facilities, which safeguard customer’s valuables from harsh and indiscriminate weather.

Whether it is 110-degree temperatures, humidity, 10 below, without climate-control, the likelihood of your valuables becoming damaged by heat or water increases exponentially. Items may become brittle or crack under high temperatures, and mold can develop in the event of water damage. In an enclosed, climate-controlled facility, temperatures are kept between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your belongings safe. Climate-controlled facilities offer extra protection from water damage and heat exposure while simultaneously removing the worries of pests such as insects or mice invading the storage space.

Another important factor in climate-controlled storage is cleanliness. Climate-controlled facilities keep out a large portion of dust and dirt particles so that all of your valuables and property remain just the way you left it. The cost to effectively store your valuable items will, in many cases, be less than having to replace or repair those items altogether.

WG Storage & Delivery provides climate-controlled storage facilities for customer’s needs because we understand the importance of keeping your possessions safe.

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