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Follow Your Dreams

Entrepreneurial Dream

Often times, we find ourselves on a career path that’s comfortable and reliable, but doesn’t fully encompass our driving passion. As an entrepreneur, I understand this feeling firsthand.

After starting my own business as a DJ, I was able to save enough money to buy my own packing and shipping franchise. Despite my success as a franchisee in the packing and shipping industry, my entrepreneurial spirit kept pushing me towards starting my own company. During my 10 years as a franchisee, I began a side business that would fill the void in the logistics arena.

I created my company’s logo, researched the competition, and developed procedures for my dream business. The side business ultimately grew into WG Storage & Delivery, a full service luxury residential/commercial moving, storage, receiving and delivery company within the Texas region. As founder and CEO of WG Storage & Delivery, my dream has come full circle and my previous experience helped drive me towards success. When you hear the phrase, “follow your dreams,” it may cause you to roll your eyes or brush it off, but following what drives you and pushes you towards excellence is the best path to travel.

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