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Does Your Furniture Fit Like A Glove?

Moving can either be one of the most stressful times of your life or a smooth transition. Whether your move is a breeze or not, it’s going to take time, money, and attention to detail. People often ignore minor details when moving, which can result in a big issue and an even bigger headache come moving day. One of those details involves moving your large pieces of furniture.

For instance, not checking your large pieces of furniture to see if they fit through the door might not seem like an issue until moving day, when you find out your furniture won’t fit through the door or up a stairway. This can result in unneeded stress and increased moving costs. To avoid this issue, WG Storage & Delivery recommends you to search for reputable moving companies that will examine:

  1. The measurement of your furniture
  2. Disassembling your furniture
  3. Preparing a detailed inventory of every furniture item
  4. Wrapping, loading, and placing every piece of furniture exactly where you want it to be


At WG Storage & Delivery, we take care of all your moving requests, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We transfer, assemble and arrange all furniture to your utmost satisfaction. We also professionally place precious artwork, chandeliers, pianos, and more, in your home.

We take pride in coordinating every detail of your move so that you are comfortable and stress-free. To learn more about WG Storage & Delivery and our premier relocation services, click here.


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