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Best Advice to Relieve Moving Stress

Through my various moving experiences, moving can be very overwhelming and quite stressful. Having to pack clothes and personal essentials, label boxes, and load and unload moving trucks, I saw my anxiety peaking. I later discovered traditional moving services, which only added to my stress. After finding multiple nicks, marks and scrapes on my furniture and the lack of customer service from both the company and onsite movers, I decided to start WG Storage & Delivery.

White Glove Storage & Delivery specializes in high-end moves, providing storage, moving and delivery needs of the highest professional caliber. Built upon my experiences and the mission of WG Storage & Delivery, the best advice I can give to those who are moving is to hire a moving service that provides excellent customer service.

Hiring a moving service like WG Storage & Delivery can actually reduce your stress levels and potential headaches. It’s worth every penny! Here’s why:

  • Your move is organized based off your flexibility.
    • We base your moving schedule off your personal schedule, making it easier for you to let us organize your moving.


  • We carefully pack and unpack ALL of your items
    • We know that packing and unpacking can be a huge hassle. With high-end moving services, you don’t have to lift a finger when packing your things. From kitchen appliances to toothbrushes, we will make sure everything is carefully packed and unpacked to your satisfaction.


  • Our moving services wraps, transfers, installs and secures artwork, statuary and rugs.
    • At WG Storage & Delivery, we not only provide residential moving but also specialize in commercial moving, and art and furniture gallery moving. We make sure that every art/furniture piece is handled with delicate care.


  • We precisely transfer, assemble and arrange all furniture to your utmost satisfaction.
    • Don’t feel like arranging your living room? No problem! It’s our responsibility and our pleasure to assemble and arrange your living room, bedroom, showroom, etc. exactly the way you want it.


Now that you’ve learned the best way to relieve moving stress, click here to learn more about WG Storage & Delivery and various moving and storage services we provide.

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